The leopard print chaise calls to me, out of the fog of memory, from its ashy grave, "Remember me", it says. "Remember the comfort you used to take as you sat gazing out at your small piece of paradise? When you sat with me, the world made sense. Even if only for a moment. Your life was on a trajectory, heading predictably in the same direction it had been going..." Following that trajectory was just fine with me.Love this man Now here I sit in a different chair in a different house but with the same cat and the same woven blanket. The intricate weave of the blanket - golds, reds, rust - gleam in the sun, catching the light, catching my attention. Instead of the caws of crows and the wind in the trees, I hear the drone of traffic and the barking of a neighbors dog. I hold both worlds as, yes, we are now happy here - and yes, I miss my life as it was before.