Author Representation

Are you ready for representation? Do you have a fully (professionally!) edited and complete manuscript, an audience lined up to buy your book, a marketing plan – along with a unique voice and a cutting-edge concept?  I know… It’s daunting. If you think you might be close to any of these things. Let’s talk.

As a Literary Agent, this is the area where I provide the most ‘tough love’ for authors. It is a jungle out there – and at the same time there IS always room for the next GREAT book!

Utilizing over ten years behind the scenes of the book world, beginning as an acquisitions editor at Morgan James Publishing and later becoming the executive publisher for Persona Publishing, a boutique self-publishing imprint, I am intimately acquainted with the challenges of being an author.

I love the relationship building aspect of being a literary agent and have an ever-expanding list of top editors in both the New York publishing world as well as the most innovative of independents. I also love listening to pitches and if you have a distinctive voice, I will hear it.  

For as long as I can remember, escaping into the wonders of a great novel has been a favorite way to unwind. I seek to discover (mostly female) authors of literary fiction or deep and gritty memoir about walking through the fires of life without losing our way.

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