One woman’s quest to make sense of a nonsensical world after losing her dream home and all her worldly possessions to a raging and sudden wildfire. Exploring the existence of God, our cultural discomfort with grief, what it means to be human as well as life in a 1967 Airstream trailer, Kristen Moeller shares her humanity, her spirit and her dark edge openly for herself as well as for the countless others who beg to be heard in their wild journey through this wacky world.
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For Immediate Release: Accepting Submissions for "Phoenix Rising: Twenty Stories of Remarkable Women Who Have Walked through Fire"

Denver, CO – Now accepting submissions for Phoenix Rising: Twenty Stories of Remarkable Women Who Have Walked through Fire. Two authors have teamed up with a New York Publisher to share stories of women in Colorado who have lost their homes to fire. Co-authors, Kristen Moeller and Leslie Wharton both...Read More »

Waiting for the Illusive (and Elusive) State of Perfection....

PREFACE: BURNING DOWN MY HOUSE (excerpt from What Are You Waiting For? Learn How to Rise to the Occasion of Your Life)

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. —Rumi

Yesterday, I watched as the last of the metal scraps that once were my house were towed...Read More »

Hot off the press -- What Are YOU Waiting For?

My new book just came out – and yes, it’s a continuation in the exploration of why – and how – we wait in life. You might think that after writing my first book (Waiting for Jack), and delving into the topic for so many years that I might have...Read More »

I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain

This coming weekend, nine women will gather at my burned out property to explore what it means to be a writer, why they feel called, what they want to say to the world – and why they may never get their message from their hearts to paper. We will explore...Read More »

Honoring Bill. The Passing of a Great Man.

The leopard print chaise calls to me, out of the fog of memory, from its ashy grave, “Remember me”, it says. “Remember the comfort you used to take as you sat gazing out at your small piece of paradise? When you sat with me, the world made sense. Even if...Read More »

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