One woman’s quest to make sense of a nonsensical world after losing her dream home and all her worldly possessions to a raging and sudden wildfire. Exploring the existence of God, our cultural discomfort with grief, what it means to be human as well as life in a 1967 Airstream trailer, Kristen Moeller shares her humanity, her spirit and her dark edge openly for herself as well as for the countless others who beg to be heard in their wild journey through this wacky world.
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Will I Make it to the Top?

At 5:30 on September 14th, it looked unlikely. Gasping for breath with pain in my chest, I watched my friends seem to skip up the trail and wondered if I had it in me. Panic set in. Only once before had that happened. Climbing a smaller mountain with my husband...Read More »

All of It

Where did the pink go? I sit and watch the sun begin to shine a rosy pink on the peaks around me. I anticipate the glow growing warmer and warmer then suddenly the light is gone. Where did it go?

The light still exists but it is blocked by something at...Read More »

When we lose sight of the light

Those of us who have walked through are own personal fires are sensitive souls.   Most the time we know ourselves as the brave warriors that we are, but sometimes the weight of the worlds woes gets to us and we beg to call uncle.

Yesterday I finished writing a piece for...Read More »

Cabin Fever! The adventure of living tiny.

We have jumped, taken the leap, gone for it. We have committed to living in a tiny home back on our burned out land.

This fills us with equal parts excitement, trepidation and joy. Most days the positive wins out and we keep moving forward. And most nights, I wake in...Read More »

Still Accepting Submissions for "Phoenix Rising: Stories of Remarkable Women Who Have Walked through Fire"

Denver, CO – Now accepting submissions for Phoenix Rising: Twenty Stories of Remarkable Women Who Have Walked through Fire. Two authors have teamed up with a New York Publisher to share stories of women in Colorado who have lost their homes to fire. Co-authors, Kristen Moeller and Leslie Wharton both...Read More »

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