A Few Kinks…

I have always loved camping and have not done much of it in the last 9 years.  About that long ago, my brother and his small family were considering a move to Colorado (which they did, and then moved away again).  To make their trip most comfortable – and entice them to live in this fine State – David and I gave them our bedroom.  Not having a guest room at the time in our small home, we got adventurous and built a tent platform on our land.  I loved that week in the tent.  I loved sleeping in my sleeping bag all cuddled up hearing the sounds of nature – and it was nice to enjoy a fresh perspective on our property. 
Prior to buying our house in 2003, we had 10 acres of vacant land in Fairplay where over time we built a sweet camping spot.  We leveled a spot by hand, removed deadfall, built a lovely fire pit, created stone-lined pathways throughout.  It was our private paradise.  David carved a cool log bench using his chain saw.  Some of our greatest moments were spent on this gorgeous land at 11,000 feet bordering National forest.  In order to afford the renovations we wanted to do on our home, we sold the land in the fall of 2003 miraculously attracting some hearty buyers who bought even though snow was already on the ground.  In Fairplay, especially at 10,000 feet, once the snow falls it stays fallen. 
Living at our home was almost like camping – except for the tent and sleeping bag thing.  And, I have missed that.  Anticipating our time in Flame as close to the camping experience made it an exciting prospect.  And, I am sure the nights will get better than last night… Our poor uprooted animals are finally back on their land but without the freedoms they once enjoyed.  They know the fence is gone and reliably they run off chasing marmot’s way too far away for our comfort.  This week we will set up a new electric fence so they can have more space to roam and play.  For now, they are confined to leashes.  And, they seem to be terrified of Flame… Not Flame perhaps, rather Flame’s laminate (meaning slippery) “wood” floors.  Nary a wink was slept last night.  Where they wanted to sleep was on our smaller than twin beds.  This was ok while we watched a movie as we shivered in the lower than normal May temperatures (there was actually frost on the ground this morning!). 
We bought them new beds which regrettably slip and slide (so we will buy new beds again today…) and there are little throw rugs on the ground but nooooooo they hate the floor.  The space between the beds is too narrow for them to turn around so they get scared and attempt to back up into the kitchen.  The click clacking of toenails, wet noses in faces and concerned looks on their brows made sleeping difficult to say the least.  We feel for our babies so our irritation is surpassed by guilty feelings.  Finally, I relented and let Tigger curl up at my feet.  He kept me warm but this morning it feels like I pulled an all-nighter.  I so wanted to say – “I finally relaxed in my new home back on our land!  Haven’t slept this well in months…” Not. 
Extra coffee is called for this morning as we work out our “working” space.  David is on a conference call right now so I need to be quiet and apparently even flushing the toilet creates too much of a ruckus.  Yes, we will adjust.  The good news is our phones have great signals, David will set up the internet today, we will install the dog fence, we will get an awning for the trailer to move some of our living outdoors on nice days.  We bought 2 green plastic Adirondack chairs at Home Depot and an 8 x 10 strip of Astroturf.  A woman’s gotta have her lawn!  With all the rain (yes, I say that somewhat bitterly), it is a bit of a muddy mess on our recently scraped lot.  Muddy dog feet in this small trailer is a bit of an issue.  We also bought some lovely solar lights and decorated our small patch of plastic grass.  Today I will try the birdbath of a shower.  Going through my day stinky – even if I am now a camper for real – isn’t the best plan. 
We will adjust.  We will settle.  We will create home.  We are on our way – we just have a few kinks to work out first.  

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