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It’s time to SET your life on FIRE!  

And, yes, I can say that. In 2012 my home burned to the ground and I lost everything – including a sense of who I was.  For a while, I wandered, I wondered – and I waited…  What kept bringing me back, was returning to my passion for writing as well as challenging others to LIVE their passion – and discover their Legacy.  

What are YOU waiting for? I invite you to join me in the journey.

Kristen Moeller, MS 

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Momma love

If I squint, it might not be true… If I hold my breath, I can wish it away… Maybe I will wake up and it will all be a dream, a very bad dream… The pain stabs suddenly. My stomach, chest and throat clench. Waves of nausea come and go. I go into the pain […]Read More »

Heading South for the Winter - or Why We Left the Tiny House

After ALL that, we did it, we headed south for the winter. We packed up what little we owned and left the “Tiny Mansion” – and moved to Salida. After all the blood, sweat and tears. After the two plus years of finding our way home. After the build, the TV show and the spectacular […]Read More »

Will I Make it to the Top?

At 5:30 on September 14th, it looked unlikely. Gasping for breath with pain in my chest, I watched my friends seem to skip up the trail and wondered if I had it in me. Panic set in. Only once before had that happened. Climbing a smaller mountain with my husband last summer, I couldn’t catch […]Read More »

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